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We live in interesting times

What is interesting for me is being an observer of trends and actions in the internet domain. There is no doubt that the internet is a great opportunity to market your products and services, a lot of us do quite actively. And then there are those who continually send out emails with unique offers, followed by emails about the same offer and explaining that the offer is going to expire and telling you what an opportunity you are missing by not taking advantage of this RIGHT NOW. (The opposite of an “Early Bird” offer in many ways. And we look at these and think,”Who are you trying to kid?”.

Well usually people will not undertake a behaviour if it has proven to be unsuccessful in the past. We all imagine that we know what works and what doesn’t work. Trying to understand the environment of the internet in terms of marketing and sales is difficult. There are so many variables. How does one connect with ones customer in a way that results in a positive action? I am learning about digital marketing at the moment and what I am finding is a lot of the methods that we used in the analogue domain (For want of a better term) apply, it’s just how to act upon them in this new landscape. And how different it is when you have a product which can be sold over the internet as opposed to a product which is bespoke (Like making a commercial or corporate film). In my instance,I am not selling a “can of peas” as we say,I am selling a bespoke service. There are some services on offer which resemble a can of peas, but ultimately they are all created for a specific purpose and usage.

We live in interesting times.