High End Video Capture & Post Production Specialist

Industrial & Corporate Production

Often the first task is deciding what is needed More often than not, when one arrives at a shoot which has been requested by a corporate client, the client in fact has an idea, but not necessarily an understanding of how to go about it in a logical way.  All production is a combination of talents and knowledge.  How often have I heard the words, “You’re the expert, do it”. I may be the expert in film production and utilising the psychology of communication to deliver a message, but the client is the expert in their business. That is why they employ me.  It is always a team effort. The client is there to be the suprrvisor of the knowledge content, and the film producer is there to be the supervisor of the creative endeavour.  And the combination of both talents is what makes a good production. In order to make any kind of production on any product or service being offered, the film producer/director need to fully understand what the subject matter is and how it is expected to be used.  I often see productions in which it is patently obvious that the director doesn’t actually understand the message or procedure. And often, I have found clients a bit embarassed to tell me if I haven’t got the message.  I would rather be told when I am filming, that I don’t have the message right, than discover it when I have edited and finished a production. It is not an embarassment to be told that you haven’t got it. It is an opportunity to get it right, and that is the purpose of the exercise.  To create a production whic delivers the message.  
Live Mixing at events
Live Mixing There is a greater call for small low cost live mixing for events where it is necessary to send a signal to a remote location. I have done live mixing at a wide variety of events, conferences, graduations and also done live mixing for streaming purposes at TedX events.  This is one of the services I offer which are out of the ordinary in terms of a “normal” production company. Doing something as basic as a two camera event, makes all of the difference in small events where images are needed to be viewed in a remote location. It just adds that touch of professionalism which makes all the difference.  
Editing and Sound
Sound can make or break your message.   I started in sound way back in the 1970’s.  I still today do all of my own sound mixes and finishes.  I make use of modern sound editing software to get the sound right for the media.  Often the sound makes all the difference to a picture. When I was lecturing I used to say to students, imagine a beach scene, children laughing, the sound of the sea, splashing, happy kiddy music in the background. Now change the music to the theme music from JAWS, how does that change the scene for you from a psychological perspective. Having the equipment doesn’t make you an editor, having the knowledge and feel for the work is what makes the difference.  There are times when you need to say something, and there are times when the images speak louder than words.  Editing pace and style are not something you are taught, it is something which you learn. I use Sony professional editing systems, as they are reliable, versatile and have a company which has been at the forefront of broadcast media for many years.