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We live in interesting times

What is interesting for me is being an observer of trends and actions in the internet domain. There is no doubt that the internet is a great opportunity to market your products and services, a lot of us do quite actively. And then there are those who continually send out emails with unique offers, followed by emails about the same offer and explaining that the offer is going to expire and telling you what an opportunity you are missing by not taking advantage of this RIGHT NOW. (The opposite of an “Early Bird” offer in many ways. And we look at these and think,”Who are you trying to kid?”.

Well usually people will not undertake a behaviour if it has proven to be unsuccessful in the past. We all imagine that we know what works and what doesn’t work. Trying to understand the environment of the internet in terms of marketing and sales is difficult. There are so many variables. How does one connect with ones customer in a way that results in a positive action? I am learning about digital marketing at the moment and what I am finding is a lot of the methods that we used in the analogue domain (For want of a better term) apply, it’s just how to act upon them in this new landscape. And how different it is when you have a product which can be sold over the internet as opposed to a product which is bespoke (Like making a commercial or corporate film). In my instance,I am not selling a “can of peas” as we say,I am selling a bespoke service. There are some services on offer which resemble a can of peas, but ultimately they are all created for a specific purpose and usage.

We live in interesting times.

Using the Internet in the 21st Century

How many people understand the landscape of the internet that we find in the 21st century? I have recently been learning about the significant changes in how people view internet based material. It is worth understanding to help you with brand reputation.

Using the Internet in the 21st Century

There is no doubt that the next wave of media in terms of marketing will be the internet.  If you look at the modern communication trends, the Smartphone has taken hold of a vast majority of the population and despite what many of us may think, it is a good instrument for communication.

We have all seen the endless jokes about couples lying side by side in bed texting each other.  But if you can create a marketing message which is accessible via a smartphone and is catchy so people want to share it, you have arrived in advertising nirvana.  So what makes these clips work. Firstly, no matter what you put up it has to look professional. If it looks like an AmDram production, it will be dismissed very quickly.  It has to have images and sound which will make the potential viewer look and listen.  It mustn’t be long, the international total length of individual productions (Before people switch off) is 03:40.  This is the average length that people watch statistically. However, an interested party may very well watch up to 07:30 before switchingoff, it depends on the clip that has been created and whether it hold the viewers attention.

And finally, it needs to have sufficient and recognisable branding, accompanied by a call to action.  As they say in Sales School, don’t forget to ask for the order.  If you are inviting people to attend an auction, let them know when and where.  If you are selling a product, let them know how to buy.  This example of a short form production advertising an exhibition.

From an Arts event perspective, I offer a quick turnaround service, as usually these events are time bound.  There is no point in advertising the event after the gallery door is closed.  The turnaround from opening to on internet is usually in the region of 24 hours.  In our case, we are making a lot of different internet based media.  For events, we highlight the event and give dates and times. For real estate auctions we show the property and invite people to the auction.

Don’t be left sitting in the sun with your pina colada getting hot imagining that your business is going to suceed because you have arrived. You need to keep an ongoing interest in your business, or people will look elsewhere.

Rhino Poaching

Themba-DiesRhino Poaching In South Africa

I have recently been doing a lot of work on a Rhino who is recovering from a Rhino Poaching Incident. She is at this time, the only known survivor of a Rhino Poaching attack.