High End Video Capture & Post Production Specialist

A bit of history

The Angel caught my eye while I was shooting pictures at a fire.

After nearly 4 decades in the professional broadcast production industry, I have the ability to deliver productions with a high level of production value, within a reasonable budget and on time. Starting in the audio industry in the early 1970s as a foley artist, provided me with a really good base on which to build my career in the broadcast television industry. One of the things which identifies my productions is the sound. I like to have my sound as near perfect as possible. Too often producers regard sound as a poor second cousin to the pictures and it shows in their final product. Years of doing broadcast quality sound has provided me with the necessary skills and critical perspective to make sure that my productions are well balanced.In my career I have produced well over 3000 productions, ranging from commercials for a number of international clients, to world first wildlife events, tourism and academic programs. I also have done a great number of personal events like weddings and theatre productions. Many producers are weary of live events, but I love doing them because they are a challenge. There are no opportunities for second takes. You have to get it right, first time. I worked for a television news agency at the beginning of my TV career, and this instilled in me an urgency and a recognition of deadlines. A sign at the entrance to the newsroom very sarcastically indicated (in not polite language) that there was no point in arriving with the lead story for the news at Six at five seconds past six. I went on to shoot news material on a freelance basis and devoted some time to learning and understanding the technical side of the television business from JVC. (I used to design & install systems on a temporary & permanent basis and learned a lot about system design.) I started my own production company in November of 1982 and ran that until it was sold it in 2001. During this time, I produced material ranging from broadcast documentaries, to rock concerts, commercials, corporate programs, tourism promo’s and still carried on shooting news for international clients in South Africa. I moved to Grahamstown with my wife who had an opportunity to further her career. Since then I have done a wide variety of work academic, educational, event coverage & broadcast news & documentary, I am a partner in a small business putting video based advertising at the point of sale. I have also started doing transfers from cine film and Video to DVD for people who have their home movies on older formats. Working in a smaller center with a limited market makes one think outside of the box. Moving to Johannesburg in 2013, has allowed me to concentrate on developing producing video based media specifically for internet usage.  To this end I am doing a lot of corporate work designated for internet usage.
One must always look to the future, if you keep looking over your shoulder, you will walk into something.